3,000 vacant local authority homes to be refurbished and re-let in 2021

3,000 vacant local authority homes are to be refurbished and re-let around the country including 111 in Kildare under new housing plans according to Senator Fiona O’Loughlin.

All 31 local authorities have applied to take part in the scheme, with the total cost to the Department of Housing set at approximately €44.7 million.

Senator O’Loughlin said that she is delighted with the number of the applications from local authorities such as Kildare County Council so that they can bring the houses back into use.

“Following a 13-week construction sector shut-down, we know that COVID-19 will have a significant impact on housing delivery targets and the Government have said we will do all that we can to make up for any loss. The refurbishment and re-letting of vacant social housing stock is vitally important in this regard.”

The plan will see the Department of Housing covering the cost of up to €11,000 per house for its refurbishment.

This will be approximately 300 homes across the entire country.

While the Department has capped how much money local authorities can claim back, local authorities can fund the renovation of extra houses using their own resources.

“The investment from the Department will add further economic benefit due to employment for local workers like carpenters, builders and electricians,” she added.

Out of the 111 Kildare County council  homes to be refurbished under the scheme, 100 of those are standard units, while 11 will require additional investment.