A new Cadet School in Defence Forces Training Centre in the Curragh

Fianna Fail Senator Fiona O’Loughlin has welcomed the announcement of the a new cadet school in the Defence Forces Training Centre in the Curragh.

Senator Fiona O’Loughlin said, “I am happy to see that a new cadet school will be provided for the Defence Force Training Centre in the Curragh under the National Development Plan”

“Overall the defence forces have been allocated €566 million over the 2022-2025 timeframe, with the 2022 allocation increasing to €141 million, which is significant funding for the defence forces under the NDP”

“The Government is committed to modernising the defence forces and this capital allocation will boost ongoing efforts to upgrade Defence equipment platforms and built infrastructure. This is necessary in order to ensure the Defence Forces can continue to undertake the roles assigned by Government and internationally”

Senator O’Loughlin concluded “Overall this is a positive announcement for the defence community in Kildare, and the new cadet school for the Defence Forces Training Centre in the Curragh is a huge endorsement of the Curragh Camp. There are still significant issues facing the defence forces, mainly around working conditions and pay, and I remain committed to fighting for these at a national level”