Autism Innovation Strategy initiates the first call for submissions

Minister of State with Special Responsibility for Disability, Anne Rabbitte, T.D., today initiated the first call for submissions for the Autism Innovations Strategy, as well as its development process for the coming months.

Senator O’Loughlin said, “I sit on the Oireachtas Disability and I have been liaising extensively with Minister Anne Rabbitte in her capacity as Minister for Disability”

“The open call for submissions to The Autism Innovation Strategy is most welcome. This Strategy development process is designed to facilitate the participation of autistic people at every stage, in line with commitments to ensure that people with disabilities have opportunities to input and engage in policy and law-making processes.”

“This Strategy is intended to provide a blueprint to increase public understanding of autism, improve accessibility for people with autism, and involve the autism community in policy development and service delivery.”

Fiona concluded “All feedback and submissions regarding the Autism Innovation Strategy Development Process can be sent to And I would encourage everyone to engage with this process.”