Bord na Móna delivering over 1400 Climate Solutions jobs in Midlands

I am absolutely delighted to see Bord na Móna creating 1400 jobs, and especially I am happy to see that the majority of these roles will be located in the midlands.”

Bord na Móna’s transformation to a climate solutions company, means they are tasked with delivering key aspects of our national climate action policy. As a result, Bord na Móna’s has created 550 jobs over the past 18 months as it develops renewable energy, recycling infrastructure and Carbon Storage through peatland rehabilitation. A further 885 jobs will be created in the coming 4-5 years through further expansion of its climate solutions, and this is very welcome. A just transition is key, and the creation of long-term sustainable jobs is a vital part of that.

This will be such a boost to us in Kildare and direct employment within the company will return to pre-transition levels within the next five years.

Bord na Móna has shown that Ireland can successfully tackle climate change, and we need to focus on solutions that work for people and the environment equally

This is a huge endorsement of the Newbridge facility and of the wider midlands region. Bord na Móna have always been a flagship employer in the area, and this announcement further enshrines that