Calls for targeted support farmers as we move to implement the 25% sectoral emission ceiling

Kildare based Senator Fiona O’Loughlin has called on Government to put in place measures to support farmers as they work to implement the 25% emissions reduction.

Senator O’Loughlin said, “We all accept the realities of climate change and we all know that we need fundamentally change how we live in order to keep the planet below 1.5% of warming. I meet regularly with farmers in South Kildare, and they know this and are absolutely willing to play their part.”

“Reducing the emissions within the agriculture sector by 25% will be incredibly challenging, albeit necessary. KPMG have estimated the cost of a 21% reduction could see up to 10,000 jobs lost and €1.1 billion hit to the rural economy, so we could see up to €1.3 billion under the current ceiling.”

“I do believe that farmers will adapt and that they will continue to provide world class produce, but we need to support them in that regard.”

“Farmers must be encouraged to deliver further emissions savings in other sectors, such as energy and land use.”

Fiona concluded by saying “We need a dedicated financial package of measures to support the agricultural industry and to ensure that the transition the industry will see in the coming years is done in a financially viable and just manner.”