Delays in rolling out community based CCTV systems are impacting public safety – O’Loughlin

Fianna Fáil TD for South Kildare, Fiona O’Loughlin has raised concerns regarding the insufficient rollout of Community Closed-Circuit Television systems in communities across Kildare.
O’Loughlin said, “Community based CCTV systems have the real potential to prevent crime or at very least deter an escalation of burglaries, theft or aggravated assault. We know this from the small number of communities that have been afforded the opportunity to install the system.
“According to senior Gardaí working on the ground, CCTV schemes have aided policing and have helped support their ongoing work to intercept burglar gangs targeting specific rural regions.
“Only last week the crib in Newbridge was vandalised and thankfully, CCTV from local shops caught the culprits. A serious crackdown on antisocial behaviour is needed in many areas of South Kildare and the Community CCTV will assist the Gardaí in their abilities to catch and prosecute offenders”
“It is welcoming that the difficulties relating to the appointment of Local Authority based data controllers have been thankfully rectified but a number of other barriers continue to impede the full rollout of the scheme in the communities that so badly need it.
“The Minister needs to step up consultations with the Local Government Management Agency and the County and City Management Association with a view to resolving the remaining concerns.
O’Loughlin concluded, “Overall, Garda resources are limited and are in no way sufficient enough to be able prevent every single crime that unfolds – CCTV can work in tandem and support their good work.”