Housing crisis still abundant

Latest figures given to me by Kildare County Council show that there are 250 people currently living in emergency accommodation in Kildare 

Those 250 people living in emergency accommodation is far from a reflection on the amount living without a home. My office is inundated with people continually being evicted from properties and having immense difficulty in securing another property 

Rent prices are extraordinary in Kildare and particularly, along commuter routes. The government must step up and take control of this serious situation. On Daft right now, there is one 1 bedroom apartment up for rent; there are four two bedroom properties and four three bedroom properties- this is madness for the amount of people living here and the amount trying to get out of their parents homes. 

There are currently 6,913 people on Kildare County Council list for social housing and 4000 currently in social houses across the county. Although more houses are being promised, people are not seeing that reflected in their own communities. 

The supply is simply not enough compared to demand- Everyone knows this and yet slow action has been taken to combat and reduce these numbers. I am calling on the Minister for Housing to step up in his role and help these vulnerable people.