Senator to call for urgent change in puppy care

Senator Fiona O’Loughlin  has pledged to support a  campaign Justice for Reggie demanding urgent change for puppy’s being sold without proper care from a breeder.

Reggie was a 12-week-old Labrador sold without proper care from the breeder in the UK. “I plan to raise this issue in the Seanad as it affects us here in Ireland as much as in the UK,” said Senator O’Loughlin.  

According to the campaign he was purchased on 17/12/20. Reggie fell ill 12 hours after arriving home with his new owners. He spent the next 3 days at the vets and died of parvovirus on 21/12/20. Reggie’s death was painful and horrific and his owners remain traumatised due to their ordeal. Reggie was bought from a reputable website, which advertises thousands of puppies for sale. It was discovered that false documentation had been provided and in fact Reggie was most unwell at the time of sale. The matter is being investigated by various agencies, but there is already a growing concern that thousands of unfortunate puppies are being imported illegally into the UK without proper documentation or care. Sadly, Reggie is not alone and thousands of defenceless animals have suffered a similar fate.

The aims of the Campaign are as follows:

• All breeders must be licenced with a fixed address for legal inspections, where mum and pups can be viewed.

• All mums and pups must be seen by a vet within 14 days of birth. Certificates issued by a Vet must display the date of visit and practice details. Veterinary records must also include all details of vaccinations, flea and worming, etc.

• Higher penalties for puppy farming

• Minimum pet age of 6 months before import / export between UK & Ireland for sale.

• More microchipping regulation

See for more information on how to help.