“Lack of pedestrian link Linear park cannot be allowed ” – Senator Fiona O’Loughlin O’Loughlin

Newbridge based Senator Fiona O’Loughlin raised the issue of recent challenges regarding the pedestrian link between Liffey Linear Park in Newbridge and new residential area on the Athgarvan Road.

Senator O’Loughlin said, “This connectivity in relation to a footpath was agreed as part of the original plans for the Belin Woods project, and in my view was a pivotal part of the project.  This development was a “strategic housing development” meaning it was outside of normal zoning and planning regulations which was a flawed process in my view and has thankfully now changed.

“I am deeply concerned that the proposed new plans show two pedestrian crossings on the busy Athgarvan Road. Which is not what was proposed originally- and is at the expense of a linear footpath which also provides a safe route to school.

“The Belin Woods project is a very large housing development. It requires proper connectivity to the town, to schools and to local amenities. Its clear from my interactions that the local community around Athgarvan and around Newbridge that people want a proper connection through Linear park and not two separate crossings.”

“The Newbridge development plan seeks to develop a linear park through Newbridge with objectives already contained in the Kildare County Development Plan and previous plans. Plans for  lands adjoining the Liffey including the linkage of existing open spaces and creation of pedestrian crossings across the Liffey, and this strategic housing development should have to support these aims.”

Fiona concluded “To allow this connectivity not be provided is completely wrong in my view, and  I made that very clear on the floor of the Senate this morning. Glenveagh and Kildare county council must reconsider this, and deliver on their original commitments in my view.” -ENDS