LGBT Families still waiting for vital recognition – O’Loughlin

The delay in commencing sections of the Children and Family Relationships Act are undermining many LGBT families.

In 2015 the Children and Family Relationships Act was passed. Its purpose was to modernise the law regarding children living in diverse family forms. However, four years later the sections of the Act which provide for same sex couples to gain recognition and have their names on a child’s birth certificate have yet to be commenced. Not only is this unfair and unjust, but it also puts children of LGBT families at risk.

Despite the referendum on same-sex marriage which was overwhelmingly endorsed by the Irish people, same-sex parents still don’t have equal rights. This legislation is supposed to modernise family law in a way that is inclusive of and sensitive to the reality of contemporary family life in Ireland and to meet the needs of children of same sex parents, it deserves to be treated with greater urgency than it is at present.