Lights will not be installed on the Green Road, Newbridge this year.

Last year I requested Kildare County Council to carry out an audit on street lighting in various areas of Kildare yet, only a few locations have seen increased lighting. I felt, and still feel, that that street lighting should be a high priority for the council in 2018. 

Although the Council made progress with the internal public lighting group this year, they have recently responded to me stating that there is no funding to install lights along the Green Road in Newbridge.  

The estimated costs of installing lights at this location are, 75,000 euro which is not budgeted for this year. I have requested that this road be considered a high priority on the list once funds become available. 

Eyre Street and Morristown are two more areas I feel need adequate lighting need to be installed. Lighting will act to ensure public safety around the town and must be prioritised by Kildare County Council.