Local Elections 2019

Election counts are one of the hardest places to be, but strangely addictive to see the democratic process of Proportional Representation taking place.

Three long days in the Punchestown count centre and we have our final results. Huge thanks to all of those who participated in the process, put their names forward and motivated teams of canvassers.
From a Fianna Fáil perspective, I’m delighted that 12 of our candidates were elected to KCC, retaining our status as the largest party in Kildare; in Kildare South we have Cllrs Behan, Connolly, Dooley, Doyle, Fitzpatrick, Heavey and Power. Congratulationsto them all. I am particularly delighted to see Anne Connolly and Noel Heavey elected, as they have been involved in every one of my own campaigns since I first put my own name on the ballot paper. Very disappointed for Murty Aspell, Antoinette Buckley andEmmet Kane – great candidates who all did very well, but it was not their day.
Politics is a tough, tough game and the best of people lose out.

Best wishes to all elected in Kildare, and throughout the country.