National Food Ombudsman public consultation

Kildare Senator Fiona O’Loughlin today announced the  opening of a public consultation on the primary legislation needed to establish a new Office of a National Food Ombudsman or Regulator. A key Programme for Government commitment, the new Office will have a role in analysing and reporting on price and market data in Ireland and will also  incorporate Enforcement Authority functions required by  the  Unfair Trading Practices Directive. In addition to establishing the new Office, the primary legislation may introduce rules that go beyond those included in the UTP Directive. According to Senator O’Loughlin this will ensure the Food Ombudsman a greater level of transparency to all parts of the supply chain. “The establishment of the new Office is an important step towards achieving that. The outcome of this consultation will help to determine the principles and policies to be included in the new legislation and the powers to be assigned to the new Office. I encourage all stakeholders to participate in the consultation to help define the future role of the new Office.”