New ASD unit in St Conleths and Mary’s, Newbridge to open for enrolment from January 2022

Newbridge based Senator Fiona O’Loughlin has announced that a new ASD unit in St Conleths and Mary’s, Newbridge will be taking enrolments from January 2022, with classes to begin in September 2022

Senator O’Loughlin said “I have been liaising with Minister Norma Foley, the Principal Bryan Lynch, and the wider school leadership team and board of management on this project for some time now, and I am delighted to see works progressing so well at the school”

“I recently met with Bryan and Maria Sheridan Lambert at St Conleths and Mary’s school to discuss the progress of the project, and I am absolutely delighted to announce that the new ASD unit will be open for enrolment from January 2022, with the first class to be taken into the new facility in September 2022”

“The commitment and dedication of Bryan, his leadership team and the wider board of management is clear for all to see, and they are an absolute testament to the community they serve”

“The addition of 6 new ASD places at St Conleths and Mary’s will have a really positive impact on the families who children are lucky enough to enrol. There is no doubt that dedicated special education facilities are key to ensuring educational outcomes for many children with a special or additional educational need.”

Senator O’Loughlin concluded “It is very important that children with special or additional needs are afforded the same opportunities as all other students- and being able to be educated along with their peers or siblings is a very important aspect of ensuring equality within our education system”