NTA are not looking to increase train station capacity in Newbridge

I am extremely disappointment that the NTA are not considering increasing parking capacity at Newbridge train station or considering adding more carriages to the already overcrowded commuter service until 2023.  

Although Newbridge has two car parks, they are full before 8am in the morning which is leaving no spaces for occasional travellers or for anyone leaving for work at a later time. The NTA must continually monitor the situation and consider possible avenues to increase capacity both in the car park and in their daily services. Newbridge has become a huge commuter town and more houses are continually being built in the surrounding areas and consideration to all of these are needed by the NTA. 

I have been in continuous contact and will continue to highlight issues with the NTA relating to rail prices for Newbridge and Kildare commuters, and the parking and toilet facilities in the station and the need for more carriages to support the numbers travelling each day.