O’Loughlin confident that a solution to the Linear Park access issue will be found

Newbridge based Senator Fiona O’Loughlin has said that she is confident that a workable solution will be found to the Linear Park pathway issue.

Senator O’Loughlin said, “I have been liaising proactively with senior staff within Kildare County Council from planning, to engineering, to parks, to transport and I am confident that efforts have been refocused within Kildare County Council and that a plan will be delivered that will meet the long-term development goals for the Linear Liffey park. It is also vital that we ensure there is a safe route to school for our local students.” 

“There will three key surveys carried out on the park in terms of trees, bats and an ecological survey. Consideration will have to be given to the safety concerns raised by residents. In addition, major civil works will be required, the removal of semi mature trees and hedging along the road will be required, it may also be necessary to completely strip the riverbank as well as piling, cantilever construction, retaining walls and the removal of a substantial amount of vegetation alongside measures to deal with environmental issues with the River Liffey may also be required. So, I have stressed the importance proper consultation at every stage in this process. People need to have their say and need to be heard. This is our town, and we need to have a say in the long-term development of it.”

“It is welcome that Glenveagh Homes have agreed to examine the design of this link to Linear Park in more detail and additional surveys will now be carried out to assist in the design process. A landscaping plan is also proposed to mitigate against the removal of vegetation and trees at this location.”

Fiona concluded “When something as crucial as a pedestrian link to an amenity is included in a plan and that is agreed, there is absolutely no excuse for unilaterally changing that in my view. I will continue to work with local residents and Kildare County Council to ensure that a common solution is found, and I am confident this will be achieved.”