O’Loughlin welcomes further training for Guidance Counsellors

I recently welcomed an initiative from the Institute of Guidance Counsellors to provide Continuous Professional Development to its members. This training has been designed in response to recommendations from the Education Committee and will help support the vital role Guidance Counsellors provide within our schools.
The IGC plans to roll out Continuous Professional Development for Guidance Counsellors to inform them about labour market shortages in areas like ICT, STEM and construction and new initiatives around apprenticeships and traineeships. The CPD will be designed with input from industry led groups to help match a job seeker to the career that suits them best.
It is vital for students to get the right advice when choosing a college course or apprenticeships and their school guidance counsellor should be in the background to offer support and help them identify what is best for their future. The world of work has changed fundamentally over the last 20 years with the emergence of brand new roles and ways of working and a new model of career guidance is needed to embrace lifelong learning and changing career paths throughout individual’s lives. In order for guidance counsellors to provide the best possible advice, they need to receive appropriate training and advice from industry groups. I welcome the announcement of the roll-out of this skills development and labour market -focused CPD for members of the IGC and wish them the best of luck in its delivery.