Primark to invest €75 million in a State-of-the-Art distribution facility in Newbridge

Primark is embarking on an extensive €250 million capital investment programme in number of locations across the country. The first phase of this programme involves a significant capital investment of €75million in Newbridge Co. Kildare.

To foster growth, the Primark distribution systems need to be future proofed, scalable and offer significant additional capacity beyond that currently provided by our facility in Naas, Co. Kildare. To achieve this, they will develop a new, state-of-the-art distribution facility in Newbridge, that will support their supply chain network strategy into the future.

Senator O’Loughlin said, “Newbridge has truly cemented itself as a major national retail hub in recent years. We are delighted to have one of Irelands largest shopping centres outside Dublin, Whitewater as well as a sizable Penneys and a plethora of small independent retailers.

“The announcement that planning has been sought for a €75 million distribution facility by Primark to construct a major European wide distribution centre shows how respected Newbridge, and Kildare is in terms of retail”

“Like all towns, Newbridge was negatively impacted by the covid lockdowns, and with so much of our local employment dependant on the retail sector, it was especially difficult for us to bounce back. But there is no doubt that Newbridge is on the road to recovery, and announcements such as this, and the recent announcement regarding Frasers and Sports Direct coming to the Whitewater, there is no doubt that the town has a bright future ahead”

“I really hope that the planning for this facility is dealt with swiftly and that all precautions are taken during the development and operational phases to protect our residents and our town. Investment in Newbridge is always welcome, but we always need to be cognoscente of the impact on local residents”

Fiona concluded “While the exact details of this announcement are yet to be released, it is incredibly good news that investment of such a magnitude is on the cards. In order to grow, we need to continue to attract new businesses and new opportunities. The tireless work of our retail professionals has ensured that Newbridge remains a viable and attractive retail hub.”