Senator Fiona O’Loughlin and Cllr Noel Heavey welcome the sale of the Patrician monastery to Kildare County Council

Local Fianna Fail representatives Senator Fiona O’Loughlin and Cllr. Noel Heavey welcome the news that the Patrician Monastery in Newbridge has been secured by Kildare County Council.

Senator O’Loughlin said “I am delighted that the Patrician Brothers have decided to accept the offer from Kildare County Council to sell the beautiful monastery building in Newbridge”

“Cllr. Noel Heavey and I have been working together on this for a number of months and have been huge advocates for the site remaining in public ownership, and for the site to be secured as a dedicated community space – and I am pleased to see this coming to fruition.”

“This space will be hugely impactful for the local community, and could be used by all local groups, many of whom are struggling to find anywhere to rent or use. There is also the potential of using the space to house a new library””

Fiona concluded “I want to commend Kildare County Council for their dedication to achieving this outcome form the people of Newbridge. The 2.7-acre site has such potential and could become a hub of local and community activity. This is a hugely positive development for the town and for those of us who live here”

Speaking on the issue Cllr Heavey said “I’m grateful beyond words that this wonderful property has come into Municipal ownership. I look forward  to working with stakeholders to at long last deliver a Cultural centre of excellence for young people.”

“I have striven over the last few months for this property to come into municipal ownership for the young people of Newbridge.”

Cllr Heavey also tabled a motion yesterday calling for the council establish a Youth Cultural Centre of Excellence, properly constituted and resourced to be established in Newbridge on the property heretofore known as Liffey Lodge.