Sláintecare Integration Fund End of Programme Report.

Fianna F Senator Fiona O’Loughlin has welcomed the publishing of the Sláintecare Integration Fund End of Programme Report.

The report sets out the notable achievements reported by the 123 projects funded through the Sláintecare Integration Fund. The projects tested new ways of working and delivered innovative models of care, bringing care closer to home by putting the patient at the centre of service design and delivery.

The significant impacts of the projects on patients and the healthcare system is highlighted throughout the report.  It sets out the hospital admissions avoided, Emergency Department (ED) attendances avoided or the reduction in waiting lists.  

Senator O’Loughlin said, “There is no doubt that our health service is under pressure and has been for some time, but I am pleased to see Minister Stephen Donnelly tackling the issues head on.”

“There were many positives in this report. 19,000 inpatient bed days were avoided, 8,000 patients were seen from waiting lists, 3000 ED attendances avoided  with almost 64,000 patients being seen.”

“In CHO7, which cover South Kildare the Adult Integrated Eye Care Team in collaboration with Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital and College of Ophthalmology provided an integrated pathway of care which was designed by the National Clinical Programme for Ophthalmology to address an over reliance on hospital delivered care by providing community pre- and postoperative assessment targeting adult patients with chronic disease and adult patients requiring pre & post-operative cataract care.”

“This resulted in an 89% reduction in the waiting list in just one year. We need to see this across all areas of our health system.”

Fiona concluded by saying “As always, I want to commend the tireless work and commitment of our front line healthcare workers and also the Minister and HSE for their work on this. We need to see it continued throughout our health service.