SUSI income thresholds need to be increased

Ensuring universal access to education is something I am passionate about. I want to see everyone being afforded the same opportunities and receiving the highest quality of education possible.

If we want our young people, and our mature students to flourish within our education system, then we need to support them. I do not believe the current SUSI income criteria does that sufficiently

We need to raise the income thresholds to reflect the significant increase in the cost of living over the last number of years. Providing sufficient financial supports is vitally important, and we need to make sure that those who need financial support, get it.

The Programme for Government commits to a review of SUSI eligibility criteria, adjacency rates and postgraduate grant supports. I understand that this is currently in progress, but we need to see this being expedited.

The financial circumstances of your household should not be a factor in the quality of education that you receive. The current income thresholds need to reflect reality, and the reality is that many families who do not currently qualify need extra financial support.