Suspension of the 129-bus route between Kilcullen and Newbridge “utterly wrong”- Senator O’Loughlin

Kildare based Senator Fiona O’Loughlin has called in the National Transport Authority to ensure that the 129-bus service between Kilcullen and Newbridge is retained.

Senator O’Loughlin said, “It has come to light in recent days to the community in Kilcullen that the 129-bus route that links Kilcullen to Newbridge and vice versa will be suspended from Friday 1st July.”

“Anne-Marie Potter, a local social inclusion officer for KARE has called this a ‘huge loss’ and I fully agree. We need to ensure that we have adequate and appropriate rural transport links to allow people to utilise public transport. Routes such as Kilcullen to Newbridge is a crucial route from a rural connectivity perspective. “

“KARE have rightly pointed out the huge importance of the route for KARE residence from an independence perspective. Which is crucial to their quality of life.”

Fiona concluded “I am calling for the National Transport Authority and the Department of Transport to intervene here and to ensure that this key route is retained, not just KARE residents, but for all commuters. For our elderly, our school children and our entire community.”