Tax free bonuses should be considered for employees

Fianna Fail Senator Fiona O’Loughlin has called for a system to be put in place to allow employers to give bonuses tax free to their employees in recognition of their employee’s dedication throughout the covid pandemic.

Senator O’Loughlin said, “Some businesses have done very well throughout the pandemic, and that’s welcome, it’s good that there was a silver lining for some businesses. Many of these businesses excelled due to the hard work and dedication of their staff, and they deserve to be recognised also.”

“Pharmacies and GP’s were instrumental in us achieving such a high booster rate prior to Christmas, and the work done by the staff in these surgeries, from nurses, to receptionist, to pharmacist, to assistants, they did phenomenal work. And the businesses were paid well for providing that service. I know that many business owners would like to reward their staff for their commitment, and I think we should be incentivising that”

Fiona concluded  “So I believe that there should be a mechanism put in place to allow the employer to pay a tax free bonus to their employees in recognition of their work- not just in GP or pharmacies, but in other private sector businesses also.”