The Army Equitation School belongs in the Curragh

Kildare based Fianna Fail Senator Fiona O’Loughlin has called for the Army equitation school to be relocated to the Curragh along with a new centre for Horse Sport Ireland.

Senator O’Loughlin said, “Kildare is the equestrian epicentre of Ireland, and has been for some time. We are home to some of the finest trainers, breeders, and riders in the Country, and have a thriving equestrian community.”

“The Curragh is also home to The Defence Forces, and military life is an important part of the Curragh and surrounding towns. The Curragh is ideally situated to house the Army Equitation school, it is the perfect blend of military and equine expertise”

“I also believe that Horse Sport Ireland would be a great addition to the Curragh, and if located near the Army Equitation school, that it could be mutually beneficial for them both”

“Horse Sport Ireland is responsible for all equestrian elements in Ireland, from breeding to competitions, and are looking for a more permanent home. It makes sense that that home would be on the Curragh”

“Security is an incredibly important aspect of the equine industry, and there would be nowhere safer for Horse Sport Ireland to locate themselves than beside the Army equitation School”

Fiona concluded “We all know the value that the equine industry and the Military base has brought to Kildare, and we need to leverage our combined knowledge by attracting the army equitation school and Horse Sport Ireland,”