Transport chiefs urged to extend short hope zone to Newbridge

Fianna Fáil Senator Fiona O’Loughlin will today meet with Anne Graham NTA CEO and Tim Gaston, Director of Public Transport Services, where she will urge them to extend the short hop travel zone as far as Newbridge in order to lower the cost for public transport users in the town. 

The Kildare Senator said, “Today I will meet with the CEO of the NTA and the Director of Public Transport Services. 

“I will urge them to extend the short hop travel zone for public transport to include Newbridge. 

“Currently someone travelling from Sallins and Naas can avail of the short hop zone yet those travelling from Newbridge cannot. 

“Travelling from Newbridge to Dublin will cost a passenger €8.45 compared to only €3.90 from Sallins & Naas. 

“This price discrepancy for a 7-minute train journey isn’t acceptable and commuters in Newbridge and surrounding areas deserve better. 

” With the current cost of living pressures, this small change would ease the cost of travel for commuters around Kildare.”