Waiting times for children’s disability service in South Kildare to improve

Significant additional HSE resources have been put in place tackle the backlog of assessments to children with a disablity in South Kildare by the end of May according to a local Senator.

Senator Fiona O’Loughlin said there are a number of disciplines working on the backlog including psychology, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy enabling assessments to be fully completed as soon as possible.

“It is expected that all diagnostic assessments will be completed by the teams by the end of May 2021,” the Kildare Senator said.

“Clearing the assessment of need backlog is important as it will ensure that resources can be targeted to provide the appropriate therapeutic interventions children and young people need.”

Funding for an additional 100 new therapy posts was allocated as part of Budget 2021 in a bid to address the long waiting times.                                                                                            .

“Some of these posts are allocated to Kildare South and it is expected that a number of them will be in place by the end of spring. This will also help strengthen service provision in the region. This will improve access to services and waiting times for intervention.”

She added that the vision for children’s disability services is to have easy access to the services children require, fairness in providing those services and families, health services and schools working together to support children in developing their potential.

“This will result in consistency and equity in delivery of disability services for children and young people,” Senator O’Loughlin stated.