180 cost rental homes expected to be secured for South Kildare in 2022

Following a long and tenacious lobbying effort, Senior Government Senator Fiona O’Loughlin has secured assurances that 180 cost rental homes will be delivered for South Kildare. It is expected these will be delivered in this calendar year.

Senator O’Loughlin said, “I am delighted that assurances have been secured as a result of my lobbying that South Kildare will be a target area for cost rental homes in 2022.”

“I have been liaising with Minister Darragh O’Brien and his officials and calling for our community to be included within the Fianna Fail parliamentary party for some time now. Cost rental is an obvious solution for us in Kildare South.”

“Cost Rental is a new form of tenure in Ireland where tenants will pay rent that covers the costs of delivering, managing, and maintaining the homes only. Cost rental homes are targeted to middle income households with a reduction of at least 25% on open market rental values. Cost rental offers you a long-term, secure tenancy that is more affordable for families. Affordability is an issue for us in Kildare South, and I believe cost rental would be a good fit for us here.”

“It is expected that 90 cost rental homes will be delivered in The Paddocks, 50 homes in Belin Woods in Newbridge and 40 homes in Walkers Gate in Kildare Town will be delivered this year. This is great news, and something I am so proud to have been able to deliver for my community.”

“The exact details of how to apply and when they will come on stream are not fully available at this early stage, but the assurance that they will go ahead with a target completion date of 2022 has been secured. Applications will be managed through a third party, and to qualify you have to earn under €53,000 and not be receiving social housing supports. Successful applicants will be decided by lottery, and this allows for all eligible parties to be assessed equally and fairly. The initial tenancy term is 6 years, with an option for a longer-term extension.”

Fiona concluded “It has always been my ambition to see a project such as Barnhall Meadows in Leixlip being delivered in South Kildare. Offering long term forever homes, reducing the cost on the squeezed middle and offering solutions to local people. I am pleased to see that South Kildare will benefit and I will continue to work closely with Minister O’Brien to deliver as soon as possible.”