Easing of restrictions shows how far we have come

Newbridge based Senator Fiona O’Loughlin has welcomed the easing of restrictions but has re-emphasised the importance of personal responsibility.

Senator O’Loughlin said, “We are all so happy to see that the restrictions have been all but removed, and that our public health experts and the Government have given the green light for normal life to return.”

“This is a huge relief for all of us, but mostly for those who work in or own businesses in the hospitality industry, they have been hit so hard and I would encourage everyone in South Kildare to really support local. The more you spend in local businesses the more that gets reinvested in your local community.”

“The scenes from around Kildare of people out socialising and enjoying themselves once again we great to see, there was a real sense of optimism in the air. We must also be conscious of those for whom this announcement has caused fear and anxiety. I would ask that we still be respectful of everyone, and if someone is uncomfortable that we give them that extra space, and that we support everyone in our communities to ease back to a more normal routine”

Fiona concluded “It is important to remember that covid is still out there, and ensure that we do need to continue to exercise a degree of caution and that we do follow the remaining public health advice as stringently as possible. ”