Pilot workshops on how to handle trauma roll out for schools

Plans to pilot workshops on well-being and resilience including how to handle and process trauma for school children is currently being developed for a September roll out according to a local Senator.

Senator Fiona O’Loughlin confirmed that The National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS) service is developing a range of workshops on the promotion of wellbeing and resilience in schools which includes trauma informed approaches. 

“The approaches outlined in the workshops are based on research findings, on the experience of experts in their fields and on the experience of practicing psychologists working in schools,” said Sentor O’Loughlin.

“The focus of the workshops is on exploring and understanding the sources and impact of stress on children and young people including attachment, trauma and adverse experiences. The emphasis in the workshops will be on creating environments to reduce stress and on developing skills all children and young people need to better manage in school.” The training will also cover the influences of stress on school staff and how to best to manage this. It is intended that staff will find the content useful in supporting their own wellbeing.

The workshops will be available to build the capability of school staff in both primary and post-primary settings. The workshops are for all staff and all students including those with SEN or those children impacted by trauma and adverse experiences.

“Work is underway to identify schools for inclusion in a pilot of the workshops while being cognisance of prioritising teacher contact time in schools.  In selecting schools, a mix of DEIS, non DEIS and urban and rural schools will be included,” concluded Senator O’Loughlin.

Following the pilot a national roll-out is planned during the next academic year.