Remote Working Hubs Voucher Scheme launched- Senator O’Loughlin

Kildare based Senator Fiona O’Loughlin has welcomed the rolling out of the new Connected Hubs Voucher Scheme which has gone live today.

Senator O’Loughlin said, “It is anticipated that a minimum of 10,000 hot desk working days will be provided free of charge over the course of the Scheme. This scheme is for both existing hub users, as well as those accessing hub facilities for the first time.”

“This scheme will be rolled out in two phases. Phase one will run from now until August 31st with the second phase starting in September and expected to run into early 2023. “

“During the first phase three vouchers will be credited to the accounts of all registered users, with each voucher redeemable for a day’s hot-desk working in participating hubs. Anybody wishing to register for their free vouchers can do so online at or via the ConnectedHubs mobile app.”

“Recent CSO data shows an 11% growth in population in Kildare, one of the highest in the Country and in we need to support the development of tight knit, sustainable communities. Encouraging those who can, to stay, work and contribute to our local community and economy will benefit not only the individuals but also our entire community.”

Fiona concluded “Government have provided significant funding to support the roll out of remote working hubs around the country to give people options to work and remain in our rural communities.”