Small scale local turf selling must be allowed to continue

Kildare South based Senator Fiona O’Loughlin has said that she is not in favour of an outright ban on the sale of turf in rural Ireland.

Senator O’Loughlin said, “So many people in Ireland depend hugely on a relatively small supply of turf to heat their homes, especially in rural areas. The idea that homes in rural Ireland, which are off the gas network and may not have access to any other affordable fuel source will be banned from burning a small amount of turf in their homes is wrong in my view.”

“As my colleague Barry Cowen TD has said, a cliff edge in terms of the sale of turf from September must be avoided.”

“We all appreciate the challenges posed by climate change, and I know from working on the ground that people and farmers in rural areas are just as willing to play their part in reducing carbon emissions as anyone else, but there must be balance and common sense.”

Fiona concluded by saying “I appreciate the points made around the impact of turf on air quality and respiratory health, and there is no doubt that we must act in that regard. But there is a big difference between burning turf in high density areas like Dublin and rural settings such as Rathangan, Allenwood, Derrinturn, Kilberry etc. The impact on air quality is simply not as virulent. I will be lobbying my colleagues for a common-sense approach here.”