Upskilling healthcare workers in Dementia Care

Kildare based Senator Fiona O’Loughlin welcomes announcement of a new programme to upskill healthcare workers in Dementia Care.

The programme, developed by Skillnet Ireland, was specifically developed to address a skills gap in a growing area of care, so that people living with dementia across all settings will benefit from enhanced care.

Senator O’Loughlin said, “as chair of the Oireachtas Dementia committee I am pleased to see this programme launched, which is the first of its kind in Ireland, and is designed to enhance workers skills and deepen their understanding of dementia care.”

“The provision of dementia care services has been under pressure for some time, however I was happy that 11% of all care home hours are to ringfenced specifically for dementia services under the 2022 budget, this is up 5% from last year.”

“There are currently 64,000 people in Ireland living with dementia and it is vital that there are adequate services in place not only for themselves and their families but also for those who take care of them. It is crucial that this programme is led by those who have an in depth knowledge and understanding of dementia and those living with it, which is why I am pleased to see that this programme is accredited by the Quality and Qualifications Ireland.”

O’Loughlin concluded by saying “People all across South Kildare and indeed the Country who are living with dementia will benefit from this programme, and as our population ages the number of people affected by dementia will increase and I am pleased to see that the Government are making plans to assist them and their families.”